Why Choose easyDNS?

  1. Achieve Mega-Redundancy via:

    Hot Swappable Nameservers, DNS Failover, Multi-Provider Redundancy not to mention a clueful, vigorous Anti-Takedown Policy.

  2. Instant Relief:

    When that impersonal, bureaucratic, 800lb gorilla ignores you or, worse, throws you under a bus, we will help you get back online in record time.

  3. Clueful Support:

    Whether you’re a cutting edge coder or totally new to this web stuff, our support crew will help you get whatever it is you need to happen, done.

  4. NSA-Free Zone:

    Non-US data storage (our mail servers are in Canada). No government back-doors. Court-order required for data handover.
    (Sorry! No jargon, superbowl ads or celebrity spokesmodels.)