Temporary problems with mailforwarding

We experienced a problem last night relating the domain name we use for SRS header rewrites, which allow our forwarding service to function with the SPF spam prevention protocol.  The problem should not have directly impacted email delivery but some providers have policies which are blocking the email due to the issue.  We corrected the … [Read more]

Do You Know Palantir? They Know You.

Weekly Axis Of Easy #46  In this issue: Private intelligence agency leaks scraped data of 48 million people Do you know Palantir? They know you. Breached chat service leaks data of K-Mart, Best Buy customers New fileless malware eludes antivirus scanners Honduran government unveils new cyber censorship laws Facebook plays shell game with Euro Privacy … [Read more]

Google’s Dossier On You Is Much Larger Than Facebook’s

Weekly Axis Of Easy #45 In this issue: Krebs: Don’t give up historical info about yourself online Drupalgeddon2 critical patch update Largest Black Lives Matter page on Facebook is actually fake Google’s dossier on you is much larger than Facebook’s YouTube illegally collects data on children Wozniak deletes his Facebook page Apple to kill iTunes … [Read more]

Do You Trust This Computer?

Weekly Axis Of Easy #44  In this issue: Documentary: Do You Trust This Computer? Google employees revolt over military drone program US Feds seize Backpage.com domain Rogue network of cellphone snoopers discovered in Washington DC DHS building database to monitor media influencers More Facebook shenanigans: health records, political contributions & pay-for-privacy Telus jumps on Canadian … [Read more]

Critical Drupal Vulnerability Allows Remote Code Execution

Weekly Axis Of Easy #43  In this issue: Critical Drupal vulnerability allows remote code execution Facebook funding anti-privacy efforts while apologizing for privacy violations US Gov to gain access to social media of all visa applicants Under Armour data breach affects 150 million MyFitnessPal users Criminal group who executed 1 Billion euro cybertheft arrested in … [Read more]