Registry maintenance window in effect

Verisign is conducting a scheduled maintenance window between 9pm and 1am EST. This effects .com and .net registry operations.

Renewals and registrations will be queued until after the window, during the window you will not be able to edit whois records or nameserver delegations for .com/.net domains.

This window is registry-wide and affects all registrars.

All other top-level-domains and core functionality such as DNS, URL and email forwarding are not impacted by this window.

System Status via RSS

This status page now gets its data via RSS feeds from the new company blog.

It is also now divided into “system status” and “what’s new”, both can be subscribed via RSS into your favorite RSS reader.

easyWhois turing guard restored

The turing test for easywhois has been restored. The problem was a conflict in the graphics libs between a new web analyzer package and the turing image generator.

easyWhois Turing number broken

The “turing number” guard on easywhois broke in a recent library upgrade. It has been temporarily disabled until the problem is rectified.

Blog move

We’ve just moved the blog from a hosted service to the serendipity platform. While there are advantages on both sides of the coin (hosted blogs vs. run-your-own) it looks like serendipity has some features we were looking for:

  • individual RSS feeds for each category
  • various exporting options including RSS, XML and Atom
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • ability to embed the blog in our own content wrapper (still working on this one)

The niftiest thing about serendipity however, was its “import” feature. I just entered the URL of the XML feed from the old blog, pressed the button and *presto*, it sucked in all the content. It makes upgrading or switching to this platform very accessible.