.eu domain nameserver change errors

At present, fully registered .eu domains do not have the ability to have their nameserver records modified via the members page. We do hope for a speedy resolution as we smooth things over with the workings of the new .eu registry. If you need to modify the nameserver delegation for your .eu domain now, please contact support@easydns.com and we will be able to make the change on our end.

We do apologize for the inconvenience.

Seeking beta users for easySMTP: outbound mail service

We have been testing our outbound mail service (codenamed “easySMTP(tm)”) and it looks good. It supports TLS and listens on numerous alternative ports.

easySMTP outbound mail service will be bundled with DNS-plus packages at no extra cost.

We are now accepting beta users for this service. If you would like to be a beta user and are currently subscribed with DNS-plus service, please contact support with your username and we will enable this feature for your account.

Many of us here at the office have been using this from home and it works great, so we anticipate a short beta period and a quick promotion to “production” status, at which point it will be available to all DNS-plus domains.

Details on the easySMTP outbound mail service can be viewed here

Virus attachment spoofing easyDNS email

We have isolated an email message which seems to be spoofing an email from easyDNS to a member, which reads as follows:

From: info@easydns.com
To: x
Subject: DETECTED Online User Violation
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 00:22:50 +0200

Dear user peter,
It has come to our attention that your Easydns User Profile ( x ) records are out of date. For further details see the attached document.
Thank you for using Easydns!
The Easydns Support Team

+++ Attachment: No Virus (Clean)
+++ Easydns Antivirus - www.easydns.com

with an attachment called account-report.zip.

This email is not from us and the attachment is likely a virus or a trojan.

A few important points come to mind:

  • We will never send out an email attachment for the user to open
  • We will not instruct you to “follow this link” to update your account profile
  • easyDNS publishes SPF data for the easydns.com domain

.EU registrations now live

It took a while to smooth out some issues with the registry but .EU registrations are now live. Pricing is the same as .COM/.NET/.ORG.

Please note, .EU is intended for residents and organizations within the .EU member countries, those countries are:

United Kingdom
Czech Republic
Malta (including Gozo and Comino)
Aland Islands
French Guyana

Nameserver Record editor now-online

Members now have the ability to edit their zones NS (Nameserver Records) directly. This is handy for three situations:

1. You want to delegate a sub-domain to other external nameservers.

2. You want to bring your NS records in line with your domain’s nameserver delegation. Some registries, for example, don’t like it when they see remote3.easydns.com or ns6.easydns.net in the domain delegation because by default, there are no NS records for them (we don’t like to modify everybody’s DNS settings when we add a nameserver, so we use “also-notify” to keep the newer ones in sync). Now users can add the missing NS records, or in other cases, remove NS records that they have not delegated to.

This will also fix the spurious “Missing Nameservers” error reported by DNSreport or DNSStuff

3. To add NS records for third-party external nameservers for members who are supplimenting or mirroring their DNS settings with third party external nameservers (although you don’t really need to do this because again, we use “also-notify” to keep your external nameservers in sync with our master)

The nameserver record editor does not display by default in your DNS settings, you need to enable “Show Nameserver Records” in your domain setting preferences.