DOS attack intensifies

With apologies for not posting earlier about this, but this morning the DOS attack expanded to all of our nameservers, however we have managed to maintain DNS availability.

So far every single customer who has reported a problem with DNS availability over the course of the DOS attack has, upon inspection of their domain’s nameserver delegation, only been delegated to a subset of the full nameserver cluster.

In many cases users using third-party registrars were still only delegated to 2 nameservers. This misses much of the benefit having an expanded nameserver cluster exposes your domain to elevated risk of DNS-outage during events such as this.

So please, if you’re using an external registrar, check your delegation and make sure your domains are delegated to all 6 of our nameservers:


Dos Attack

This morning we experienced a DoS attack directed against our DNS
infrastructure. We have been working with our various providers to
quell the attack and keep easyDNS services online.

Currently all services are online and responding.
Some customers may experience issues using , as
our Rackspace datacenter has taken measures which null routed the
IP of this host.

Update on DOS attack

This morning’s DOS attack was directed against and is an ongoing event. Some upstream networks from our Q9 datacenter (Toronto) are enacting counter-measures which will render NS1 unreachable to users on the other side of those networks (examples are Teleglobe and Cogent).

The rest of the nameservers (Miami, Phoenix, Texas, Toronto2 and London, UK) are unaffected, overall DNS availability was not affected by this attack, however email and web forwarding was impacted during the initial attack phase. Please note that no email was lost, only delayed and email forwarding times returned to normal very quickly.

More as it comes in.

DoS Attack.

We are currently experiencing a DoS attack against our DNS and
Email infrastructure. The nature of the attack has been identified
and we are working with our providers to restore all easyDNS

We do apologize for the inconvenience.

Server monitoring now in beta

We are pleased to announce that server monitoring is now available for beta users.

This feature is being rolled out under the DNS-plus service level and will be included as a component of that package. Server monitoring allows members to setup service tests on their hostname (A) records and our system will check those services and send out an alert if the service is found to be down or unresponsive.

For more information on this please see:

During the beta period users need to have the “beta flag” set on their accounts. To have this flag set, please contact support.