Mailout Hiccups


We have had intermittent trouble with replicating new usernames and passwords to our Mailout server over the past 24 hours. Repairs are currently underway to re-stabalize the Mailout system and should be completed shortly.

If you are a current Mailout user, you probably have not noticed. If you are setting up Mailout for the first time, please give us a few moments to resolve the issue and try again later in the day.


.CA registration only service rolled out at $19

Happy Victoria Day weekend, eh? We’re marking the holiday by filling a gap in our service offering. When .CA rolled out, we wanted to capitalize on our position as a premiere DNS provider by bundling our world class DNS hosting with our newfound status as a Registrar (this was very new to us at the time).

Things are very different today and many of our customers have expressed the wish to have the option to register .CA’s without DNS and have a price point that reflects that.

So today we introduce the .CA domain registration at $19 CDN. As with our other gTLD registration and parking packages, this one comes with basic email aliasing/forwarding, so even if you just want to reserve a .CA domain name, you can start using it for receiving email right away.

Happy May Two-Four!

Greylisting for email forwarded to ""

In the last week, we have noticed that the mailservers for Cox Communications has been limiting the amount of email the easyDNS mailservers are able to relay to them. In the past, easyDNS has always strived to limit the amount of filtering that has been imposed upon the mail forwarding service that we provide. Unfortunately, as we are currently being rate limited by Cox Communications, we have been reluctantly forced to subject all forwarded email destined for “” email addresses to “greylisting”. More information about greylisting can be found here, at the following URL:

In short, greylisting is a method where a piece of email being relayed to one of our mailservers is initially deferred. This means that it is not accepted upon the first attempt, rather, the sending mailserver is told to relay it again at a later time. With standard mailserver configurations, such as those generally maintained by your ISP and free email service provider, the email will be re-sent at a later time, usually anywhere from 5-20 minutes. For spammers and machines sending virus emails, they generally don’t operate like standard mailservers, and usually won’t relay their email again at a later time. Right there, at least 50% of spam and virus emails have been effectively stopped.

Unfortunately, with greylisting enabled for all email destined for “” email addresses, this means that those emails will be subjected to a delay every time they are handled by easyDNS mailservers. This has been put into place to limit the amount of blocking that we have endured by the mailservers for Cox Communications. The idea is that it is better to have email relayed a little late, than not at all.

However, we do understand that there are some who rely on their email being relayed to their “” email addresses as soon as our mailservers receive it, which is why we do have a procedure in place to have your specific “” email addresses removed from greylisting:

Simply send an email to ““, with your domain name(s), and the email addresses (along with their destination “” email addresses) within that domain that you would like to have exempt from greylisting, and we shall update the filter as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email, at ““, or toll-free at 1-888-677-4741.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this implementation.