Members Interface Maintenance tonight at midnight


We will be doing work on the members interface tomorrow morning between 12:00am and 2:00am EST on Monday October 1st 2007.

During this period the Members Interface will be unavailable for updates.

Increased attachment size for forwarded mail

E-Mail attachment sizes for forwarded messages has been bumped
up to 25MB, from 10MB.


e-mail deluge to


Over the past 24 hours we have been experiencing higher than usual mail volumes due to increased virus and spam activity (which incidentally go hand in hand). We have scaled to accommodate this new level of traffic, so any erratic delays should be remedied starting now.

Don't forget to vote in the CIRA Board elections

I just finished voting in the Canadian Internet Registration Authority Board of Directors election. This year’s election is the first under the new election process and reformed membership structure that was ushered in last year at the special member’s meeting in Toronto.

I have mixed feelings about the new membership reform, having spent a good deal of my term on the Board working on it and finally seeing it get ratified by the membership shortly after the end of my stint. I found the re-authorization process of the membership confusing. If I found it confusing, having been in the belly of the beast so to speak, it must have been utterly unfathomable to a lot of casual .CA domain holders. I think 90% of .CA domain holders don’t even really understand who CIRA is or why they consistantly get cryptic emails from them telling them to authorize this, confirm that, verify your id (“your papersss pleasss”).

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