Please note: ORDB anti-spam list no longer operational…

A number of our customers who maintain their own mailservers have called reporting issues with the delivery of their email in the last 24 hours. If you are experiencing something similar, please ensure that you are not using the ORDB anti-spam list.

The ORDB anti-spam list was shut down in December 2006, and in an effort to fully deactivate the list, ORDB is now sending out false positives. This means that if your mailserver relies on the ORDB anti-spam list, your mailserver is more than likely rejecting ALL EMAIL that is being relayed to it.

Please ensure you remove your mailserver’s dependence on ORDB, as this will correct this specific issue.

Discussion about this recent development with ORDB can be found at the following URL upon Slashdot:

Webforwarding Outage.

There was a brief 15 minute outage to our web forwarding service (between 12:50EST and 13:05EST).
We experienced a hardware failure which caused the service interuption. The issue has been resolved and webforwarding is back

Please do not hesitate to contact support should you have any questions or concerns.

easyURL adds "FEDEX" tracking widget

Trivial but handy: I found myself having to email out some Fedex tracking ID’s today, so I thought what would make it easy would be a way to create a redirect to the Fedex tracking page for that ID without having to visit a URL shortener site to create the redirect.

That’s the core idea behind the “URL Widgets” or “Redirect Widgets” of easyURL, which are described here We also have them setup for Amazon products, domain lookups (surprise), Wikipedia pages and RFC’s.

How to use your own domain name with Google Apps

Many Ayromlou does it again, publishing another step-by-step tutorial, complete with screen shots on how to use your own domain name on easyDNS with Google Apps..