Running an affiliate program? Don't pay for sales you already had in the bag

People have tried this on us so many times I figure it must still work in many cases so after the last one I decided to post a brief note about this.

We run an affiliate program via Commission Junction, it pays $20 per new customer acquisition. We also come up first in all major search engines for our own name: “easydns”, “”, “”, and “easyDNS Technologies Inc”. Every online business probably comes up first in Google for their own name. (If you don’t, you have larger problems and you should probably address those).

Here’s what I consider, if not a “black hat” PPC technique, a grey one which we’re not interested in because it costs us affiliate commissions on sales we would have gotten without the affiliate ever being involved. Here’s how the scam works:


Mail Delays

One of our mail forwarders was experiencing issues with relaying mail this afternoon.
The cause of the slowdown has been identified and the issue resolved. The machine is now emptying its mail queue.

Mail will have been delayed up to a couple of hours.

We appreciate your patience as we resolve this matter. As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact support.