easyURL.net adds useless "easyFrame" to redirects.

Feeling left out of the web 2.0 “URL Shortener” hysteria, we’ve added a mostly useless “easyFrame”(tm) to the easyURL.net redirect service. The culmination of nearly two night’s worth of programming in front of the TV, and nearing 100 lines of PHP code, the easyFrame(tm) enables people to further perpetuate it’s marginal functionality via other social networking sites with a single click. Users may also “vote” on whether they actually like or dislike the subject URL being shortened.

Perhaps the single actual useful function of the easyFrame(tm) is that you can also report spam URLs directly to us, with one click, which we will then nuke with extreme prejudice.

We are also happy to report that our new easyFrame(tm) has enticed a VC bidding war and easyURL has closed a $30 Million dollar A series funding round with a pre-money valuation more than 100X that of easyDNS itself. We are now planning on spinning off easyURL.net in an October IPO.

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