Useless URLs, Chapter #1

I see this so often I’ve decided to start a channel here to try to educate people on the effectiveness (or not) of using web addresses or URLs in both online and offline situations.

In this installment, I was stuck in traffic behind this van the other day. This URL was staring in me in the face for probably eons longer than any casual observer would ever see it for, yet, I wouldn’t be able to get to this website if my life depended on it:


Beware, Renewal Fraud.

Our subscribers have brought to our attention a new email scam designed to transfer domain names away from their legitimate registrars.
Please be on the look out in your in box for a message from that will ask you to follow a link to renew your domain name.
This link has nothing to do with easyDNS and should be avoided if received.

Thanks to our subscribers that have graciously brought this to our attention.,

thank you
the easyDNS Team.

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we apologise for the inconvenience and hope for a speedy resolution

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