Power outage at the Amsterdam co-lo…

Just over an hour ago, the co-location facility we use in Amsterdam suffered a brief power outage, which resulted in two of our nameservers being unexpectedly restarted:

ams1.easydns.com (part of the “ns1.easydns.com” Anycast cluster)

Our sysAdmins took “ams1.easydns.com” out of the “ns1.easydns.com” Anycast cluster as soon as this occurred, which means that “ns1.easydns.com” was not affected at all. However, as “ns6.easydns.net” is currently a stand-alone nameserver, our sysAdmins focused on bring this server up as quickly as possible.

At this time, “ns6.easydns.net” is operational again and responding to queries, and we will work with our co-location provider to determine the cause of this outage.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

appsto.re, a niched URL shortener for iphone apps

The other day I stumbled across http://appsto.re, a DNS client domain which is a pretty useful specialized URL shortener for iPhone apps.

A good example is easyDNS’ own iPhone app for easyWhois. The iTunes URL is loooooooooooooong and cumbersome, and to be honest, I can’t readily remember what shortened URL I created for it on easyURL (I think maybe http://easyurl.net/easyiphone?)

Well with appsto.re, we know it’s simply http://appsto.re/easyWhois, and you can view the info for any given app by using http://appsto.re/info/easyWhois.

You can even create your own custom shortened URLs for any given iPhone app.

The other interesting thing about appsto.re that distinguishes it from most of the other URL shorteners out there, is that it actually has a revenue model, since I imagine they can use affiliate links to redirect to the paid apps (sorry guys, our app is free).

If the ns3 problem is still causing you trouble, read this

We’ve changed the glue record in the roots for ns3.easydns.org to reference a different node while we debug the data syncing issue.

Some queries are still coming in owing to DNS cache issues. If you recently updated your zone and that update has not been reflected in ns3.easydns.org then you could also consider removing ns3.easydns.org from your DNS delegation.

ns3 is a stand-alone node (we will be phasing out the stand-alone noded in the new year), as long as you have the ns1 and ns2 anycast strands in your delegation, you can safely remove ns3 from the delegation.


We’re experiencing issues with this machine updating zone info.
We are working to resolve this issue and will post further info as it becomes available.

NS3 may become unresponsive for a brief period as we restart all DNS services on this machine.

ns3.easydns.org this morning


We are experiencing an issue with the DNS resolver on ns3.easydns.org this morning. This issue will not impact resolution. We are currently working with our network provider in London to resolve this issue.