New website launch postponed until April 12

We are pushing back the launch of the new website and user interface until April 12, for a few reasons – not the least of which is that we will be shorthanded through the month of March on a few fronts. (March break, time off with the kids, Confoo, etc).

What we will do next week is post instructions on how to start trying out the new platform in advance and begin talking about what’s new under the new system.

Useless URLs, Episode 2: Internet Marketing Experts in Toronto

This morning I had just dropped my daughter off at school when an ad came on the radio as I was headed to my workout, the gist of it was:

More and more consumers are headed online as the first step in their next purchase. Is your business positioned to cash in on this trend?

It sounded a little 1998-ish to me, but what really got me was the URL. These ads were from some online internet marketing company here in Toronto and the URL was……


DNS usage quotas: before you panic

I’ve fielded a handful of queries from members about the coming DNS usage quotas. Some have looked at the “query usage” links beside their domain names and are surprised at the numbers they are seeing.

One thing to be aware of is that we’ve discovered that the January numbers were tabulated incorrectly and are too high. To gain a truer insight into your usage, look at the January 28th figure. We are currently running a process to fix up the stats to reflect actual usage and expect to have those online within the next couple of days.

But I’d like to take an opportunity to convey the following principles behind this to our member base:


Big Changes Coming to easyDNS

We will soon be launching our new member interface, a ground up rewrite of the current website. It has been a long time in coming, like all complex projects, it always goes over-budget and takes longer than expected.

The current user interface works, but it’s pretty stale. There are so many layers of upgrades, fixes and plugins underneath the UI you see when you log in, that it’s hit the point of diminishing returns: every time we add a feature or commit a bugfix, it seems to break something else. Despite the fact that most people dislike change, especially user interface changes, it is time to move on to the next level for easyDNS.