Database maintenance: Sunday July 25th at 1:00am EST

The easyDNS systems admin team will be conducting some database maintenance on Sunday July 25th at 1:00am EST. The downtime should last between 1 to 2 hours, ending at approximately 3:00am EST the same day.

During this time, access to both the Retail and Caprica easyDNS interfaces will be disabled.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

[UPDATE – July 25 @ 2:15am] – The database maintenance is complete, and both the Retail and Caprica easyDNS interfaces are accessible at this time. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Interesting Internet Storm Center post


I came across an interesting (and alarming) post at the Internet Storm Center, and I am passing it along.  If you, too, are a Systems Administrator, or a person who is responsible for mail systems take extra note.  If you’re not; look out for the following subject lines as they might be bogus.


I am seeing a large amount of spam hit our network that has been successful at fooling our spam filter.  The

emails contain .zip and .html extensions with various file names.  The subject also varies.  Some subjects

that I have seen are:

Your Funds Will Be Transferred

From Jan RIchter (name varies)

Newest Products

Latest Software

The zip file is being analyzed to determine what payload may be involved.  You may want to remind your email

users to refrain from opening any attachments that they weren’t expecting to receive.

Monitor/Failover hiccup this morning

During a recent update to our Monitor and Failover service, a change was made that resulted in the service not being able to correctly determine if a customers’ server was up or down. This led to emails being sent out to our customers, and Failover IP addresses being activated. This error was quickly noticed by our sysAdmins, and the update was rolled back to the previous version. Since that time, all Failover IP addresses should have reverted back to their original IP addresses.

We apologise for the false positive alerts, and any inconvenience this may have caused.

July 4 DNS Stats are wrong. Like really way off wrong.

Before anybody has a heart attack, please be advised that the July 4 DNS counts are spectacularly incorrect.

We’re looking at it now. Sorry for any panic attacks.

Quick "new interface" downtime


We are doing a quick capacity upgrade on the new members interface that should last another 5 minutes. While we do our best to try and prevent “unscheduled downtime”, the popularity of our current interface requires us to add more capacity immediately!

Thanks for your patience!