2010/2011 Holiday Season Hours

Our telephone and email support hours during the 2010 holiday season:

Please note that all times are EST

Friday Dec 24th, 8:30 – 3:00PM

Saturday Dec 25th, closed

Sunday Dec 26th, noon till 4:00 PM

Monday December 27th, 8:30 – 6:00 PM

Tuesday December 28th, 8:30 – 6:00 PM

Wednesday Dec 29th, 8:30 – 6:00 PM

Thursday Dec 30th, 8:30 – 6:00PM

Friday Dec 31st, 8:30 till 3:00 PM

Saturday Jan 1st, closed

Sunday Jan 2nd, noon till 4:PM

Monday,Jan 3rd, 8:30 – 6:00PM

And a hope for a Happy Holiday season for all!

Webmail for easyMAIL and SVN hosting coming in January

We’re happy to roll out a webmail interface for easyMail, our hosted IMAP product. Remember that DNS Pro domains bundle with 10 IMAP boxes, which come with 2 Gigs of storage and are complete with ClamAV antivirus protection and spamd spam filtering.

Coming in January

In keeping with our theme of being The Swiss Army Knife For Your Domains, first thing back after the holidays we will be happy to roll out svn / subversion hosting. I’ve started using this in beta on a few of my side project domains and it’s one of those things you really do wonder how you managed without it for so long. A lot of you probably already use svn to manage your projects, now you’ll be able to leverage our infrastructure for file storage and keep your subversion repository bundled together at the same place you run your domain and DNS off of. Handy. Subversion / svn hosting will be bundled with DNS Pro and Enterprise level domains.

The Guardian gets it wrong….again.

The Guardian UK seems to be hell-bent on putting my company out of business. After joining the throng of media outlets mistakenly reporting last week that we unplugged wikileaks, today they reported easyDNS as one of the companies knocked offline by DOS attacks carried out by Anonymous.

As per usual, this is wrong. We have not been DOS attacked by anybody, we have not been knocked offline, this is all totally untrue. Only this time instead of updating the article with a correction (i.e. “we’re idiots, and we got the name wrong again”) they simply edited our name out of the article entirely, perhaps hoping their millions of readers would not notice this.

Thanks again. Maybe tomorrow you can write that we were caught selling yellowcake to North Korea. Not that it’s true, but you guys seem to be making this stuff up as you go along anyway.

monitoring service restored

Just a quick note to let you all know that the monitoring service has been restored to its full capacity.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

As always we thank you for your continued support of easyDNS and please dont hesitate to contact support if you have any questions or concerns.

monitor service not operating at fully capacity

As a result of a hardware failure our monitioring service is not running at its full capacity. Operations staff are actively working on the issue and will post further information once it becomes available.

As always, thanks for choosing easyDNS.