Additional Mailbox Pricing for easyMail

Now that we’ve made webmail for easyMail available we’ve been getting asked more often about the pricing on additional boxes. Recall that all DNS Pro level domains come bundled with 10 easyMail IMAP boxes, which is quite frankly, nuts. It should be more like 5, but oh well.

(Insert a picture of a used car salesman doing that “we must be crazy to sell at these prices” dance). I knew we went too high on the 10 boxes bundled when we started to get users who wanted to sign up for DNS Pro, and then not even move their domain here but just point their MX record at easyMail. Sorry, no (it might work but odds are some maintenance process will eventually decide you’ve transferred out and delete you).

Anyhoo for those users who want more than 10 mailboxes per month, additional boxes can be purchased at the following prices:

# of Boxes Monthly Cost
5 $10
10 $19
25 $45
50 $85
100 $160
250 $362.50
500 $700
1000 $1350

The other thing I noticed is we’ve gone to great lengths to make it almost impossible to purchase additional easyMail boxes. There is probably an x-rated Easter-Egg deep in the bowels of World of Warcraft that is easier to find than the provisioning link to add additional easyMail boxes.

So until we can re-engineer the UI to make things easier to add and find (don’t worry, we aren’t going to blitz you with upsells like some registrars we all know and love), here’s the secret masonic handshake you need to know to order additional easyMail boxes:

In your domain overview module for the domain you want to add easyMail for, look on the Domain Management line and click on add-ons.

Once you’re in the “add-ons” section you’ll see the options to add additional easyMail boxes.

The easyDNSSEC roadmap.

We’ve been getting an increasing number of queries regarding the rollout of DNSSEC, the security extensions for DNS.

We have been testing DNSSEC internally and plan to have it available for members ahead of the key deployments this year. Some of the deployments are as follows:

.CA plans to sign the root on March 31, 2011

.COM will sign the root March 31, 2011

The “.” root zone was signed in June, 2010

With this in mind, we plan to have DNSSEC capability within the easyDNS user interface in February.

We have not finalized pricing for DNSSEC enhancements. DNSSEC signed zones increase the size of the data by a factor of 2X to 5X depending on keysize, because every resource record inside the zone is signed by a cryptographic key. This directly increases the bandwidth associated with serving the DNS queries, and bandwidth is one of our basic costs.

As such we are looking at various ideas, including:

  • limiting keysize on DNS Hosting level domains
  • implementing a nominal fee on DNS Hosting level domains ($10/year – $15/year)
  • Increasing key-size for DNS Pro level domains
  • Bundling full DNSSEC capability into Enterprise level DNS ($9.95/month)

We welcome feedback in this regard and we’ll be posting more details here as they become available.

easyRoute53: Nameserver Integration and DNS Management Layer for Route53

In December, Amazon Web Services announced the addition of Route53 DNS to their cloud computing environment. What this meant was that developers using other AWS components, such as EC2 cloud computing or S3 storage, could extend their toolkits to include Amazon’s own DNS hosting.

For some of us in the DNS biz, it was viewed as yet-another-competitor (the DNS business is so glamorous, there is an incessant stream of new entrants coming in…for the adoration of Wall St., the fame, the groupies, the list goes on…) but when I started looking into it I saw some early indications of a possible fit with easyDNS: (more…)

easySVN: Subversion Hosting for your domains now in beta

You’re running a website on your domain, maybe you have some sort of CMS going which you regularly hack or perhaps it’s all your own code. Maybe it’s just flat HTML which you edit with vi. In any case having a central repository for your source code is handy for many reasons: being able to track revisions, having your source code backed up, being able to create separate branches, run a uniform codebase on multiple servers, the list goes on.

My personal setup for side projects: a “live” tree and a “dev” tree, so I debug, tweak and modify code on a completely separate version of my website under a “dev” tree of my repository (possibly on a separate server), commit my changes once I want them to go live and then check them out into my “live” tree.

This is one of those things that once I add it to a given project, I wonder how I managed without it for so long, and I like having my subversion repository centralized together with the other aspects of my project, which is logically grouped by my domain names. It just makes sense.

Which is why we did it. So subversion hosting is now released under “beta” (our standard roll-out path).

DNS Pro domains will bundle with a 1-user and 50MB storage repository.

Enterprise domains will bundle with a 5-user, 250 MB storage repository.

  • To enable beta features for your account, edit your personal info and set the beta flag
  • The online docs for easySVN subversion are here.
  • A good backgrounder / overview about Subversion is available online in the Subversion redbook
  • To enable easySVN subversion hosting for your DNS Pro or Enterprise domain, click on subversion on the Premium Services line in your Domain Overview module: