easyDNS purchasing Green Electricity via Bullfrog Power

We are thrilled to announce that as of today, we are now “bullfrog powered”, which means we are purchasing green electricity via Bullfrog Power.

How this works: Our total electrical consumption is calculated (in this case our two main datacenters and our offices) and we then purchase an equivalent amount of green electricity, generated from renewable and clean energy sources, which is then injected back into the power grid. The idea behind it is that we are adding as much clean electricity back into the grid as we are taking out of it.

By doing this, easyDNS is reducing our emissions footprint as follows:

19.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year

27 kilos of nitrogen oxides (NOx) per year

37.4 kilos of sulfur dioxide (SO2) per year.

We are undertaking this initiative in concert with our other efforts here to go paperless within a year, and also to take a  “zero-to-landfill” program  with our gear, etc.

Shoutouts: I would like to thank UofT’s CIUT radio and their running of the Bioneers radio series for inspiring us. While I’m sure we’re all aware of the environmental problems facing us today, it wasn’t until I started listening to Bioneers every morning on CIUT that I realized that there is a real “revolution” of sorts taking place. More and more businesses are “getting it” and realizing that progress toward environmental preservation and ecological restoration will be largely quarterbacked by individuals and private businesses – making these choices in their everyday affairs.

We want to be one of those businesses.

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