The check's in the mail, you say?

As many of you are likely aware, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers has announced a possible strike, starting Thursday June 2nd at 11:59pm. If this occurs, then cheques sent to easyDNS through the regular post will be delayed until the strike is resolved.

To avoid any possible interruption to your service due to delayed reception of cheques, we strongly urge clients who have payments to make to take advantage of our secure online payment options, using Paypal or direct credit card processing through Internetsecure. It is very likely that mail sent as of today (May 30th) will be delayed by the strike.

In the event that you believe your cheque for service or domain renewal has been delayed by this strike, we ask that you contact us by phone or email as soon as possible, so we can determine what steps are necessary to ensure that DNS service, domain renewals and new domain registrations are not affected.

Unpaid invoices that have not been dealt with in this manner will be treated as normal, and services may expire.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Changes to .CA domains : Meet the new hold – same as the old hold

Since last October’s change in CIRA’s registry system, non-renewed domains have been able to continue resolving after their expiration date, right up to the point of redemption and then deletion (presuming they remained non-renewed). This seems like a good idea at first, but what we’ve witnessed is that clients who don’t notice the domain passing the expiration date are running a significantly higher risk of losing their domains.

Domains that expire unintentionally usually do so because the account holders are not reachable by the information they’ve left us, and the first they know of it is when the domain goes dark. If that happens as soon as the domain expires, they have the time to renew it and get it back up and running, frequently before it causes any disruption.

Without that alert of the domain going on hold, however, there is a significantly shorter time in which to act, and a much higher chance of domains (especially low-traffic ones) ending up deleted and released for public availability.

We have taken the decision to prioritize the safety and retention of our clients’ domains, and as such, starting June 6th, .ca domains on the new members interface (Caprica) that are registered through  easyDNS will once again be placed on hold when they expire – just like the vast majority of other domain types. They will remain on hold and renewable for a period of 70 days, after which they will be deleted by the registry and released. Please keep in mind that this is standard practice, and how they used to work (but with a longer hold period for client safety).

Please note that this will, as always, ONLY affect domains which have not been renewed before their expiration date. To avoid having to worry about any of this, please be sure to renew your domains well before their expiry date, and keep correct – up to date – contact information for your whois and account information.

For more on ensuring your domains remain yours, please see our Definitive Guide to Never Losing Your Domain, available in the resources

section of your control panel, or at




Depuis Octobre, a cause de changement de système chez ACEI (Autorité Canadienne pour les Enregistrements Internet), les domaines .ca ont continuent à fonctionner, même qu’ils sont expirer. Au début, ça y avez l’aire d’etre une bonne idée, mais après quelque mois d’essaie, nous avons trouvé qu’il ya des vrai problèmes avec ça. Les clients qui ne remarquent pas que le domaine dépasse  la date d’expiration courent un risque significativement plus élevé de perdre leurs domaines.

Généralement, les domaines expirent involontairement parce que les titulaires de comptes ne sont pas accessibles par les informations qu’ils nous ont laissé. Par conséquent, le premier qu’ils connaissent c’est lorsque le domaine n’est plus accessible. Si cela se produit dès que le domaine expire, ils ont le temps de le renouveler et de le récupérer, souvent avant qu’il ne provoque aucune perturbation.

Sans cette alerte du domaine va en attente, cependant, il ya un temps nettement plus court pour agir, et il ya beaucoup plus de chances de domaines (en particulier ceux à faible trafic) pour finir par être supprimés et mis à la disposition du public.

Nous avons pris la décision de privilégier la sécurité et le maintien des domaines de nos clients, et en tant que telle, à partir du 6 juin, les domaines .ca enregistrés par easyDNS seront mis en attente lors de leur expiration – tout comme la grande majorité des autres types de domaine. Ils resteront en attente et renouvelable pour une période de 70 jours, après quoi ils seront effacés par ACEI et rendre disponible au publique. S’il vous plaît garder à l’esprit que c’est une pratique courante, et comment ils ont l’habitude de travailler (maintenant avec une période plus tenir pour la sécurité du client).

S’il vous plaît noter que, comme toujours, ce changement ne touchent que les domaines qui n’ont pas été renouvelées avant leur date d’expiration. Pour éviter se soucier de tout cela, s’il vous plaît n’oubliez pas de renouveler vos domaines bien avant leur date d’expiration, et de garder à jour les coordonnées de votre Whois et de votre compte.

Pour en plus savoir sur la protection de vos noms de domaines, s’il vous plaît voyez notre “Definitive Guide To Never Losing Your Domain”, disponible dans la section des ressources de votre panneau de contrôle, ou à

easyIPCalc: The (free) IPv4 Subnet Calculator App for your iPhone

Some companies put out pens with their logo on it, or baseball hats nobody will ever wear, or mousepads made from toxic sludge. We prefer to put out useful stuff.


Today we are very pleased to announce the release of easyIPCalc, a free IPv4 Subnet Calculator iPhone app. It was coded by Marija Solaja and Ranko Rodic. Ranko is easyDNS’ newest sysadmin (and virtualization wiz), Marija is his girlfriend. They came to Canada from Serbia last year and we snapped up Ranko like an undiscovered eastern European hockey player. They built this handy iPhone app in their spare time and decided to release it as a companion to our easyWhois app. (There is also a premium version available here). (more…)

Monday May 23rd, 2011 Holiday hours

Our telephone and email support hours on Monday May 23rd, 2011 will be from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM ESDT

thank you

easyDNS support

Switching NS1/DNS1 IP

Due to the sporadic connectivity issues reported by some customers within Europe and Asia, we will be changing the IP address for the “” and “” Anycast cluster to a new IP address within our own IP space.

Currently: / –

Updating to: / –

During this migration between IP addresses, DNS queries will be returned from both IP addresses, so for those currently unaffected by this issue, there should be no change in performance. For those who ARE currently affected, this should resolve the sporadic connectivity issues.

We apologise for the inconvenience, and as always, thank you for your patience and continued support of easyDNS. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please let us know.