easyIPv6.com and the #IPv6day DNS Hosting Promo

June 8, 2011 is World IPv6 Day. Most of our nameservers have been dual-stacked for IPv6 for a few months now, the exception being dns2, which is the Prolexic deployed anycast constellation.

So we’ve already been running IPv6 enabled nameservers, and we actually hung ourselves up a little ahead of IPv6day by creating a weird loop when we added an IPv6 host record to the main web.easydns.com hostname, so #oops there (it only affected people who were already connecting to us over IPv6 and it didn’t affect the member control panel). This is what IPv6-day is for, and we’ve already learned a lot about the intricacies of enabling the various system components of our platform and services via IPv6.

Over the next while, we will be adding full-on IPv6 access to the member control panel as well as our other services like email and URL forwarding.

But in the meantime, we thought it would be neat to give people a reason to make the effort to get active over IPv6, and to reward those who are leading the charge. (more…)

Contracts Suck.

"The Customer is #1!"

I’ve been writing this post in my mind for a few weeks now. We recently terminated our relationship with a certain vendor, basically because the results were deteriorating steadily for awhile and we just finally decided “enough already” and pulled the plug. We were paying them $500/month since 2000.

A few weeks later I receive a “final invoice” from them, for $2,900, for “Discounted Contractual Obligation”. WTF is this, a joke? I reply. I am assured that they would never send an invoice “in jest”, and after some back and forth they tell me that the invoice was calculated under the terms of our account agreement. So I ask for a copy of the contract, and a few days later, they send me a blank, PDF of a contract what clearly outlines an annual automatic renewal and penalties for early termination. Only problem is, it’s blank. Where is the executed agreement? I’ve never heard back.

It brought back fond memories of a well known managed hosting provider who offered us “top of the line” DDoS mitigation protection for $5,000/month. We did have agreement, I was the one who signed it. The only problem there was, every time we got DDoS-ed, their “solution” would completely implode and they’d end up null-routing us. Nice. So after a series of DOS attacks, of which they didn’t successfully mitigate a single one without null-routing the nameservers we had deployed there (thankfully not all of them), we tell them “this isn’t working for us” – they are sorry it didn’t work out but they’re still holding us to our contract. We ended up going with Prolexic but we still had to pay those other guys for nearly another year.

Nice Work if You Can Get It… (more…)