Try Enterprise DNS for a month, on us.

On friday we announced that our GeoDNS service had gone into βeta. Hidden in the fine print of that post was our trial offer on Enterprise DNS. We figured it would be weasle-ish to force people into a paid upgrade to Enterprise DNS to get access to a beta feature, hence the free trial.

Since it’s there, we may as well flog it. So if you’re interested in Enterprise DNS, which includes the GeoDNS Beta, 4 Anycast constellations deployed over 25 POPs worldwide, more repositories for SVN hosting, 10 IMAP boxes (we’re about to drop the DNS Pro level to 5) and access to 24×7 off-hours support, then you may be interested in upgrading to Enterprise DNS and trying it free for a month.

You may also be interested in knowing that we also bundle your registry fees on supported domains at the Enterprise DNS level, so those renewals at the registry are on us.

Take advantage of this offer now by going into your Domain Overview tab and on the “Service Management”line click on “Change”

Click "Change" to upgrade to Enterprise DNS

Friday fun: GeoDNS now in Beta

We’re pleased to announce that GeoDNS is now in βeta.

GeoDNS enables you to serve different DNS data based on four globally geographic regions:

  1. North America (East)
  2. North America (West)
  3. Europe
  4. Asia

This may be useful if you are streaming content from multiple datacenters or want to direct traffic from different parts of the world to different storefronts.

We’ve seen pricing on GeoDNS ranging from $200/month to $2000/month per record. We’re not kidding. So after 14 years of always being called “easyDNS: more expensive but worth it” it’s always a lot of fun for us when we can turn a pricing model upside down.

With this in mind, GeoDNS is available as a component of Enterprise DNS, which means you can enable it for as many records as you want inside your zone and it’s included at $9.95/month. If your lookups exceed 5 million per month then our additional pricing kicks in at our $2/million rate.)

So now you can have geoDNS and Anycast DNS across nearly 20 global POPs and you don’t have to do a mezzanine funding round to get it.

Because this is a beta feature, we are also turning up a free trial on Enterprise DNS. Any existing domain here can simply upgrade their domain to Enterprise DNS and try it out for 30 days.

To enable GeoDNS for your zone follow these simple steps:



The new TLD Buyers-Strike Starts Now

Today is the day, .xxx sunrise begins. Here’s an offer we should all refuse:

Wanna protect your good name from having somebody erect a pornographic website on

Then fork over $300 and you’ll be “protected” against that happening for 10 years.

It’s called a non-adult sunrise blocking registration and the .xxx registry expects those of us who feel we have trademarks to protect to cough up the money for one.

It can also be called extortion and get used to it, because in one form or another every new Top Level Domain that trots itself out over the next few years is going to try this in one form or another until it stops working.

So if everybody wants to save a lot of time, energy and money the best course of action forward is to make it stop working now.

A few weeks ago I was invited to write a guest post on Domain Name News about the new Top Level Domain process and in it I posited that a buyer’s strike in defensive registrations was inevitable. (The word from within a hopeful Top Level Domain provider was that “Jeftovic has pissed off a lot of people inside the industry with that blog post of his…”) Before that I had also posted on my WebValueInvestor blog why most new TLDs will be failures and a waste of time.

When we discussed .XXX sunrise internally, the consensus was that we had a duty to offer the option to our members, which we are going to do. (We even asked some of our members who run adult websites and even they hate this new TLD and view it as blackmail).

With this in mind easyDNS will NOT be registering a .XXX blocking registration for itself. (more…)