The Updated easyWhois iPhone App Looks Great!

We’ve released an updated version of our (free) easyWhois iPhone App. In 2009 we worked with easyDNS  customer Art and Logic to release an iPhone App version of our popular easyWhois domain lookup tool. They were great to work with, and as is their norm, they sent us off with fully functional iPhone App and the source code thereof.

In the interim, we added a new systems engineer here, and while it wasn’t listed on his resume, Ranko came to Canada from Serbia with a girlfriend, Marija, who does a lot of c++ and mobile apps coding. She coded the easyIPCalc subnet calculator that we released earlier this year, and just over a week ago we turned her loose on the original easyWhois App source.

The result is a much needed breath of fresh air for the easyWhois iPhone App, adding in new features such as:

  • Emailing the results of a lookup.
  • Lookup History
  • Bookmarks
  • Snazzy new “look-and-feel”

If you haven’t already, grab this whois client for your iPhone and never wonder again if has already been snagged or not.

(And yes, I guess we really should get on Android version, shouldn’t we?)

6 thoughts on “The Updated easyWhois iPhone App Looks Great!”

  1. Joe Clark says:

    And you tested this thing with VoiceOver, right?

    • Hi Joe,

      I just checked it out on my phone and it looks like it’s not. Thanks for the headsup and reminder. Emails are already flying back and forth to get it looked at.

      We only just became aware of the AODA (even though it was passed some time go) and it’s been somewhat of a blindspot. We’ve been looking at it and going over our services with a different perspective, not just to be compliant but to be sure that everything we put out is easy and usable by everybody.

      If you have any specific suggestions, drop me a line at arnon at our domain name.

  2. Erik says:

    It looks like the iPhone app is not available. Is the URI correct? I am seeing :

    Which is turning up a dead page – 404. I’d certainly love to have the app if it can ben found.



  3. Greg says:

    The shortened URL is not working again… here’s the full link to the app in the App Store:

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