Say Good-bye to DNS Outages and Hello to 100% Uptime, Guaranteed.

The following press release went out this morning. Please excuse the marketing-speak. The upshot of this is “hot swappable nameservers” …brought to you by the mad scientists at easyDNS.

easyDNS Technologies Inc. announced today a solution that finally drives a stake through the heart of catastrophic DNS outages.

DNS outages halt a business cold in its tracks. Your business literally disappears from the Internet and looks to the end user as if it never existed. It’s embarrassing, it’s costly and it damages the reputation of your company. During the outage you are often helpless until your DNS provider fixes the issue.

Even after companies invest heavily into DNS architecture or outsource to extremely competent managed DNS providers, a DNS outage can still occur for various reasons. Denial of Service attacks or technology errors (such as “corrupted router data tables”) can bring down even the most advanced DNS infrastructure or the largest internet vendor.

There has never been a intelligent, bulletproof, 100% guaranteed way to solve this problem, until now.

The solution is “Proactive Nameservers”, the world’s first name server delegation optimization platform which actively responds to conditions affecting your domain’s DNS availability and performance in real-time.

Using the easyDNS “Proactive Nameservers” system:

1) You control every aspect of your nameserver redundancy by defining “hot swappable” backup nameservers.

2) Your domain name and its nameservers are monitored in real time for performance and accuracy.

3) If for any reason your current name servers go offline or become degraded the system proactively switches to the optimal nameservers for your domain.

4) Your domain’s primary name servers are automatically reinstated when they return to an optimal state.

This patent pending system is the logical extension of the easyDNS philosophy that any DNS solution is a Single-Point-Of-Failure unto itself, and that 100% DNS availability is only achievable or guaranteed by employing multiple, redundant DNS providers or solutions.

“Proactive Nameservers” by easyDNS is the first and only nameserver optimization methodology that makes ensuring 100% DNS Uptime as easy and simple as any routine domain name modification.

With 25 global POPs and customers in over 100 countries ranging from the Fortune 500 and government agencies to Internet pioneers and rock stars; easyDNS is an ICANN accredited registrar and an anycast deployed managed DNS provider based in Toronto Canada and operating since 1998.

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Contact: Mark Jeftovic <> +1-416-535-8672 ext 225


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