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Bell Canada Pushes Website Blacklist

Weekly Axis Of Easy #29 In this issue: Bell Canada pushes website blacklist  Satori Botnet feared larger than Mirai  Canadian spy agencies datamining ordinary citizens’ data in bulk Arizona using facial recognition on all citizens with a drivers license  Don’t try this at home: Couple cashes in life savings to mine bitcoin   Bell Canada … [Read more]

Net Neutrality Wasn’t All It Was Cracked Up To Be

Weekly Axis Of Easy #27   This week’s edition is longer than usual as all kinds of scary Orwellian stuff happened last week! FCC to kill “net neutrality”. Internet goes insane. Telus blocks access to union website (in 2005! *facepalm*) Uber caught paying hackers to cover-up 57 million record data breach Google admits tracking users’ location … [Read more]

Canada Revenue Agency Orders Paypal To Disclose Data

Weekly Axis Of Easy #25 In this issue: Canada Revenue Agency orders Paypal to disclose data PSA: Canada Revenue Agency does not take Bitcoin Former founder: Facebook exploits psychology to make site “addictive” LockCrypt Ransomware spreading via compromised mail servers Krebs: How to opt-out of Equifax selling your salary history Ethereum smart contract bug locks … [Read more]