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Who Is Cambridge Analytica?

Weekly Axis Of Easy #41 In this issue: Who is Cambridge Analytica? EFF Warns CLOUD Act end-runs 4th Amendment Same as it ever was: Flash player needs patching. Again. Web inventor says it’s time to regulate Big Tech New Orleans tries its hand at tech powered “pre-crime” Sierra Leone runs world’s first election using blockchain … [Read more]

FBI Pays Geeksquad To Inform On Its Customers

Weekly Axis Of Easy #40 Aloha from Oahu… In this issue: Have you checked your credit report since the Equifax hack? FBI pays Geeksquad to inform on its customers Researcher discovers “Killswitch” to neutralize the memcache DDoS Google’s AI is helping military drones get better at their job Why the DoD works with Hollywood to … [Read more]

Major PHP Vulnerability Can Allow Remote Code Execution

Weekly Axis Of Easy #39 Seems like all kinds of fit hit the shan last week, in this issue: Major PHP vulnerability can allow remote code execution EU wants ISPs to delete “terrorist content” within 1 hour China bans Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and… the letter “N” Surprise! Tor project was funded by the US Government … [Read more]

Apple To Store iCloud Private Keys In China

Weekly Axis Of Easy #38 In this issue: Apple will store iCloud private keys in China New Zealand spills the beans: releases full text of TPP Twitter purges thousands of “Russian bot” accounts, Conservatives scream “foul” Hackernoon: Your Facebook data is creepy as hell TIL that the Italian Government has an automated “tax snitch” software … [Read more]

UK Police Commence “on-the-spot” Fingerprint Scanning

Weekly Axis Of Easy #37 In this issue:   Belgian court orders Facebook to stop collecting personal data Google Chrome’s ad blocker may give preferential treatment to…Google US Federal judge rules embedding a tweet may be copyright infringement UK police commence “on-the-spot” fingerprint scanning. IRS scam has fraudsters posing as collection agency recovering bogus tax … [Read more]