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Seeking beta users for easySMTP: outbound mail service

We have been testing our outbound mail service (codenamed “easySMTP(tm)”) and it looks good. It supports TLS and listens on numerous alternative ports. easySMTP outbound mail service will be bundled with DNS-plus packages at no extra cost. We are now accepting beta users for this service. If you would like to be a beta user … [Read more]

MyPrivacy upgrades and new features

The whois-record-spamguard system has been upgraded to new hardware and now supports personalized whitelists. This means individual users can add their own whitelists, either email based or hostname based, which opens up to much more flexibility beyond protecting your whois records. An accounts are still free.

Does your business advertise via PPC? Then stop paying for spammed clicks

One hears many complaints about Technorati’s blog search engine, that all it does it return “useless” blogspam search results. Is this a sign of a “bad” search engine or is it indicative of a deeper problem within the blogosphere itself, that it’s riddled with blogspam and automatically generated scraper sites? (Blogger is particularly bad because … [Read more]

Widespread PHP vulnerability in XML-RPC

I didn’t bother mentioning the new PHP XML-RPC vulnerability to somebody yesterday, assuming they already knew. Alas, they got burned by it so I’m making it a point to mention these things in a widespread generic sense from now on. As such: if you are running PHP content management systems like blogs, postnuke or anything … [Read more]