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Which Presidential Candidate is the Anti-Surveillance Pro-Privacy Candidate Again? I Forgot.

As it happens, Yahoo has been scanning all inbound email on behalf of the US Government. Reuters news broke the story yesterday. “Yahoo Inc last year secretly built a custom software program to search all of its customers’ incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials, according to people familiar with the matter. The … [Read more]

Hub Nation: The Scandal of Money

I just finished reading Dan Lyon’s “Disrupted”. I devoured it in a little over 2 days and took frequent breaks to email various friends and colleagues (many of them tech CEOs of non-unicorns, go figure) that they had to read it. The story of Lyon’s tumultuous ride at Hubspot, a tech unicorn which has never … [Read more]

You may only be as secure as your weakest vendor

The scale and immensity of hacking incidents worldwide is on the upswing. It seems everybody is getting hacked at one point or another. Even easyDNS had a low level data breach a few months ago (email addresses were exfiltrated from a server housing a third-party marketing CMS). Some incidents are worse than others, and the severity … [Read more]