Category: status

Upcoming change in outbound email policy

As part of our ongoing attempt to combat spam within our email systems, on Monday Feb 26th we will be changing our postfix configuration settings to prohibit email being sent from addresses with domains which don’t match the account logging in. Our previous practice of allowing an authenticated account to specify whatever “from” headers they … [Read more]

DNS leak disclosure

Since the summer we have been carrying out routine upgrades and rebuilds of our anycast constellations. In July and August we rebuilt and, while more recently we moved from an outsourced anycast provider to one we have rebuilt and deployed ourselves. On Friday November 10, 2017 we were made aware that had … [Read more]

Cable cut in Australia affecting connectivity to easyDNS websites

Word is a cable cut on iinet in Australia is preventing some users down under from connecting to the easyDNS website and email services (DNS on domains is unaffected). Customers have been reporting the problem to iinet support with varying degrees of comprehension from the front line there. Some users in Australia have been using … [Read more]

Unscheduled server maintenance on easyWEB (cpanel5)

We have had a hardware event which has caused one of our easyWEB systems ( to be taken offline temporarily. We are working to get this sorted as soon as possible. This particular system is on our older easyWEB infrastructure and is slated to be replaced by one of our new systems on our easyWEB … [Read more]

#cloudbleed and how it affects easyDNS members

The big news this morning is #cloudbleed, a bug in Cloudflare’s web service that was discovered by a Google researcher to be leaking sensitive data, including authentication credentials in plaintext. Due to the size of the Cloudflare user base, this affects a huge swath of the internet, including many easyDNS customers. There are three main … [Read more]