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RIAA to .ORG Registry: Take down ThePirateBay

We were forwarded a letter from the RIAA via our lawyers on Friday whom in turn received it from Public Interest Registry (PIR), who is the registry operator of the .ORG top level domain. The letter was sent from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) asking PIR “to reconsider whether it wants its services to continue … [Read more]

Most ridiculous legal request ever?

Imagine explaining to a customer  that they have to drop products  from their online store or even that you took their domain down because you received the following “FDA” request from (quite literally) “some guy on the internet”:

Andy Lehrer Victorious Against Tim Rourke & Causepimps

A judge has ruled in favour of Andy Lehrer in his suit against Tim Rourke regarding the pages about him on and has been awarded full damages ($25,000) plus costs. Rourke was a no-show in court and his defence was struck. After some initial confusion as to whether there was actually anything for easyDNS … [Read more]

easyDNS To Be Dropped From Andy Lehrer Lawsuit

Pursuant to a settlement, easyDNS is being dropped by Andy Lehrer from the Tim O’Rourke / defamation lawsuit. Under the terms of the settlement easyDNS will not pay Mr. Lehrer anything and will remove the offending webpages / URLs upon a judicial finding that they are defamatory (something our Plain English Terms of Service … [Read more]

Andy Lehrer Files Amended Claim Adding 3 New Allegations Against easyDNS

In the matter of Andy Lehrer vs Tim Rourke & easyDNS, Mr. Lehrer has filed an amended claim adding three new allegations against easyDNS. Mr. Lehrer has dropped the paragraph that seeks removal of the website (this avenue is not available under Small Claims cases). Mr. Lehrer has added three additional allegations against easyDNS. There … [Read more]