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The World’s Most Important Resource Is…

Share Email In this Issue: Latest Pirates of the Caribbean film held for ransom DocuSign credential leak used in fake phishing emails NSA toolkit worms proliferate  easyDNS members affected by “AntiPublic” credential dump The world’s most important resource is… your data Latest Pirates of the Caribbean him held for ransom Disney reported last week … [Read more]

What You Need To Know About The WannaCry Ransomware Worm

Share Email This week’s #AxisOfEasy had a few topics lined up, such as comedian John Oliver’s epic rant about net neutrality crashing the web servers of the U.S FCC (again), but forget all that. Everything has taken a back seat to the WanaCrypt0r (a.k.a “WanaCry”, or “WannaCrypt”) Ransomware Worm. WanaCry broke out overnight May … [Read more]

Facebook Ads Targeting Teens Based On Emotional State

In this issue: Facebook ads targeting teens based on emotional state Hackers hit French President-elect Marcon in massive document dump Over 1 billion user logins and passwords leaked in Anti Public and Exploit.In dumps   Facebook ads targeting teens based on emotional state Last week a report surfaced that Facebook told advertisers it could deliver highly … [Read more]

DoublePulsar: The Leaked NSA Exploit Kit Spreading In The Wild

This is your #AxisOfEasy Weekly Briefing for the week of May 1, 2017, wherein Mark sends out a short briefing on the state of the ‘net and how it affects whatever your business, security and privacy. Comments always appreciated, just hit “reply” or leave a comment below. In this issue: DoublePulsar: The Leaked NSA Exploit Kit Spreading in the wild Uber employs private … [Read more]

Is Google stealing your content?

In this issue: Is Google stealing your content? New legislation proposes $20/tax per device for uncensored internet viewing. Cybercriminals use DNS hack to takeover Brazilian bank Is Google stealing your content? For some time now you’ve probably noticed when you type a simplistic question into Google, like “What is the 5th planet from the sun?”, “Who was … [Read more]