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Sender Rewrite Scheme now added to EasyDNS email forwarding

We would like to announce that we have implemented the Sender Rewrite Scheme, or SRS, on our mail forwarding services.   This is designed to remedy the increasingly prevelant problem with SPF enforcement breaking email forwarding services from any provider, including ourselves. The SPF protocol allows domain administrators to specify which mailservers are authorised to send … [Read more]

The DNS Attack: What It Means, “Who Did It?” and How To Deal

Share Email As we all know, on Friday Oct 21, 2016 DNS provider Dynect was severely impacted by a big DDoS attack which has since been attributed to the Mirai Botnet. (interesting to note that “Mirai” means “future” in Japanese). Briefly: The Mirai Botnet is constructed by commandeering network connected Internet of Things (IoT) … [Read more]

WDRP, Whois Accuracy Program Notices now signed with our GPG Key

Some of you may have noticed that we are now signing WDRP (Whois Data Reminder Program), WAP (Whois Accuracy Program) and some renewal notices with our GPG key. Share Email This is phase one heading toward all system generated notices (login alerts, event notifications, renewal invoices, etc) being signed as well. We’ll be cleaning … [Read more]

ANAME records now support IPv6

Share Email Our root domain alias records (which we call ANAME records) now support IPv6 addresses. Any underlying AAAA records at the target host will automatically be added to the zone. In case you haven’t heard about ANAME records, here’s a quick explanation: normally you cannot create a CNAME or ‘alias’ record for a … [Read more]