DOS Status

Inbound smtp traffic and mail forwarding are online and have been for some time. We do apologize for the late status update.

DOS Status

At approximately 7:15 AM, all services began functioning in optimum capacity. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

DOS Status

The easyDNS members website, nameservers ns1 and ns2 and web forwarding are back online. At the moment inbound smtp traffic and mail forwarding are offline. No mail will be lost as a result of this, remote servers will defer delivery to us for later retries. We hope to have things restored as soon as possible.

Denial of Service Attack

We’ve been under Denial of Service Attack since 4am EST. All core systems are down except nameservers remote1 and remote3. We are working together with data center personal on the issue.

Mail spooling time increased

We have increased our mail queues to 10 days from 5 days in response to Hurricane Katrina in hopes that it may allow those affected the opportunity to maintain the integrity of their operations. Our deepest concerns go out to those affected. easyDNS.