New bind ACL

We are publishing a new bind ACL for secondary DNS customers to reflect the new nameserver deployments (more on this in a follow-up post wednesday or thursday): acl “easydns” { /* * easyDNS acl v1.6 as at Oct 4/2005 * * this acl allows access for nameservers * this list may be subject to … [Read more]

remote1 and remote3 redeployed and have been upgraded and moved onto’s “Clean Pipe” environment, as part of our DoS mitigation strategy. The new IP addresses are: Secondary customers should know that for now we are slaving secondary zones from an internal nameserver and there is no need to change their nameserver ACLs … [Read more]

DDoS Attack Status

As of 6:24 pm EST all of the remote nameservers are back online and the problems with shawcable transits have stabilized. We sincerely regret this occurrence and are looking forward to this week’s upgrades.

DDoS Attack continuing

We are currently under DDoS attack, the remote nameservers are down, ns1 and ns2 are up except for anybody transiting over networks. We are working with our upstream providers and remote admins to resolve this and apologize for any ill effects. In the meantime we continue to move forward to mitigate these attacks on … [Read more]