Bell mail forwarding

Bell is currently experiencing email issues and they are working towards a resolution. This will affect those forwarding domain based email addresses to Bellnet addresses. easyDNS will spool mail forwarded to bellnet addresses for 10 days and mail wil be delivered to its intended recipients as soon as the bell mailservers are functioning normally.

telephone support

We are currently experiencing a technical problem with our telephone support system. Currently, our support department cannot be reached via the telephone in the normal fashion. Once you have contacted us by phone, please enter 0 and we wil be able to receive your call. We do hope to have this concern rectified post haste. … [Read more]

Third-party zone transfers now enabled

Starting today members will be able to specify IP addresses of any third-party nameservers they wish to mirror their zones and we will allow zone transfers from those IPs for the specified domains. You’ll see the new field for this at the top of your DNS settings page for each domain, click on the “?” … [Read more]

That which does not kill us…

People have been wondering about “all those DDOS attacks” we have been hit with and more importantly, what we were going to do about it. We haven’t been idle over the past weeks although we have been quiet. One of my least favorite things is talking about security out loud, because I think making a … [Read more]