Russia Threatens To Ban Facebook

Weekly Axis Of Easy #19 In this issue:     • Deloitte scrambles as entire internal email system compromised • Russia threatens to ban Facebook over data privacy laws • Iceland’s .IS TLD latest to kick Daily Stormer • Bell Canada calls for government web blocking and copyright criminalization Deloitte scrambles as entire internal email system … [Read more]

Cable cut in Australia affecting connectivity to easyDNS websites

Word is a cable cut on iinet in Australia is preventing some users down under from connecting to the easyDNS website and email services (DNS on domains is unaffected). Customers have been reporting the problem to iinet support with varying degrees of comprehension from the front line there. Some users in Australia have been using … [Read more]

CAA Records now enabled

Earlier this year the CA/Browser Forum voted to make Certificate Authority Authorization (CAA) mandatory for all Certificate Authorities. What this means that domains will need to assert via DNS records (the CAA DNS RRType) which CA’s are permitted to issue certificates for your domains. Think of it as “sort of like SPF, but for SSL/TLS certs”. CAA … [Read more]

DNS On Blockchain, Ethereum Name Service (ENS), VRM and Governance (oh my)

Last month I had the good fortune to be invited to the first Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Workshop in London, UK. Ever since I became first exposed to crypto-currencies with Bitcoin, I have been enthusiastic about the possibilities of using blockchain technology to underpin DNS. To be clear, I don’t envision blockchain ever replacing DNS, I … [Read more]