Upcoming change in outbound email policy

As part of our ongoing attempt to combat spam within our email systems, on Monday Feb 26th we will be changing our postfix configuration settings to prohibit email being sent from addresses with domains which don’t match the account logging in. Our previous practice of allowing an authenticated account to specify whatever “from” headers they … [Read more]

Domain Hijack Strands Thousands Of Businesses

Weekly Axis Of Easy #36 In this issue: China to block overseas VPNs Domain hijack strands thousands of businesses Twitter’s mysterious astroturfing tools This little start-up sells hacks to government agencies WordPress update breaks WordPress updates China to block overseas VPNs At the end of March all non-Chinese VPN services will be blocked within China. … [Read more]

Firefox flaw allows remote code execution

Weekly Axis Of Easy #35 In this issue: YAAF0D: Yet Another Adobe Flash 0-Day Firefox flaw allows remote code execution Privacy app Telegram dropped from iTunes Store after content violation Bell Canada Data Breach (again) Google abandons “Fact Checking” system Cargill invests in facial recognition software – for bovines  Welcome to Bitcoin’s Trough of Disillusionment  … [Read more]

Is Bitcoin Cash a “legitimate” crypto-currency?

Several weeks ago we announced support for Bitcoin Cash as part of our response to the situation of inordinately high fees for Bitcoin transactions (a situation we consider to be temporary and of the “growing pains” ilk). Those remedies included zero confirmations for existing members in good standing, and we adopted Bitcoin Cash as a … [Read more]