NSA Has Deleted Data It Was Supposed To Preserve For A Lawsuit

Weekly Axis Of Easy #33 In this issue: NSA has deleted data it was supposed to preserve for a lawsuit Twitter notifies 677,775 users that they’ve interacted with Russian bots during election Concerns mounting over social media addictiveness and censorship Amazon opens first fully automated, unmanned grocery store City of Toronto counsellor advocates accepting Bitcoin … [Read more]

Senate Votes Today On Bill Extension That Enables Warrantless Spying

Weekly Axis Of Easy #32 In this issue: DNS Leak Disclosure Facebook to prioritize “trustworthy” news Iranian government in Chinese-style internet crackdown “Swat Call” prankster charged with Involuntary Manslaughter FBI Chief calls “unbreakable encryption” an urgent public safety issue Senate votes today on bill extension that enables warrantless spying DNS Leak Disclosure Over the summer … [Read more]

DNS leak disclosure

Since the summer we have been carrying out routine upgrades and rebuilds of our anycast constellations. In July and August we rebuilt dns3.easydns.org and dns3.easydns.ca, while more recently we moved dns4.easydns.info from an outsourced anycast provider to one we have rebuilt and deployed ourselves. On Friday November 10, 2017 we were made aware that dns4.easydns.info had … [Read more]