Freedom Of Speech Ends Where Criminal Law Begins

Weekly Axis Of Easy #11 To our fellow Canucks: Happy Belated Canada Day, eh To our American friends: Have a great 4th of July! In this issue: Freedom of speech ends where criminal law begins – German homes raided over Facebook posts Canadian Supreme Court orders Google to ban search results New device allows police … [Read more]

Hackers Target Email Accounts Of UK Parliament

Weekly Axis Of Easy #10 Greetings from beautiful Vancouver Island. It’s wonderful out here. In this issue: Hackers target email accounts of UK parliament Canadian Supreme Court deals blow to Facebook Upgrade your Drupal sites right now Amazon patents system to prevent online price checking Ethereum flash crashes over 99% Hackers target email accounts of … [Read more]

update of Outbound Mail service

We are in the process of upgrading our easySMTP: Outbound Mail system to a new server cluster, which will require a change of the public IP from to  Authentication information will be maintained and we will be pointing the so no changes will be needed to move to the new system and … [Read more]

Failure To Renew A Domain Put Millions At Risk

Weekly Axis Of Easy #9 In this issue: Failure to renew a domain put millions at risk: security researchers Man receives death sentence for blaspheming on Facebook CRTC bans unlocking fees, orders all cellphones be sold unlocked Ethereum founder meets with Putin to discuss Russian crypto-currency plans “CanadaCreep” twitter account shut down after Calgary women … [Read more]

Does easyDNS Know Your Passwords?

Weekly Axis Of Easy #8 In this issue:     • Theresa May calls for “Global Internet Regulation” to deprive Terrorists of “Safe Spaces”     • Canadian RCMP to bring charges in Morocco for remotely launched cyber-attack     • Does easyDNS know your passwords? No. Here’s how we analyze credential dumps.     • Creative Destruction: Society is eating itself and … [Read more]