New Mac DDNS Client for Lion

The new dynamic DNS client for Mac OSX Lion (10.6+) is now available. For those who have been having any difficulties using the earlier client (designed for versions below 10.6), this one is now formatted specifically for use with Lion. Download it from  

easyDNS and the recent BIND 9 vulnerability

Yesterday it was announced by the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), the corporation that maintains BIND, that a vulnerability had been found that affects all currently supported versions of BIND 9. More information about this vulnerability can be found at the following URL: How this affects easyDNS and our customers This vulnerability specifically affects nameservers … [Read more]

NS1 and NS2 spike at 10:00am EST

At around 10:00am EST +/- 5 mins both ns1 and ns2 received sharp spikes of inbound traffic lasting approximately 15 minutes. While the volume of those spikes was not overpowering, the servers did timeout some queries. As many people know, we have been under DDoS attack against ns1 and ns2 since last week. The attack … [Read more]

Friday, Nov 11 – DNS resolution issues [resolved]

From between 4:30am EST and 6:30am EST, some customers may have experienced resolution issues with our “” and “” Anycast nameservers. It initially appears to have been the result of a minor DDOS attack, and we are working with our upstream providers to determine who the target was. We are also continuing to monitor our … [Read more]

Post mortem of the overnight DDoS Attack

Overnight on October 24, 2011 between the hours of approximately 12:55am and 2:55am ET the NS1 and NS2 anycast constellations came under a DDoS Attack. The attack was a combined syn flood and DNS flood which impaired the following anycast constellations to varying degrees: (a.k.a (a.k.a The attack primarily impacted domains … [Read more]