[UPDATE]: Web Forwarding Slowness

Greetings all, Apologies for the delayed update regarding the webforwarding slowness. We have put some measures into place to account for the webforwarding slowness we have been experiencing. We will continue to monitor the situation over the next couple of days to see what else we can tweak to ensure the service is both speedy … [Read more]

Mini-FAQ about the Jan 07 DDoS Attack

Poor Les, is on Sunday support today and knows he’s facing a lot of email and calls. On his way in, asked me for some guidance on three specific questions he is expecting to face a lot today. Those questions are: How did something like this happen, and why did it affect me/my domains/my client’s … [Read more]

DoS Attack persists.

  Also See: Mini-FAQ about the Jan 07 DDoS Attack   [UPDATE: 12:54AM Jan 08] The attack traffic is still coming in fairly heavily. We are working on a couple of avenues of adjusting our defenses.   [UPDATE: 2:33AM EST Jan 08] DNS1 is back online. dns2 has been mostly online througout most of this. … [Read more]

DOS Attack In Progress

We are currently experiencing an Denial of Service Attack against DNS1, DNS2 and DNS3 anycast strands. We are working on mitigation and will post updates as they become available. UPDATE 7:55 PM EST: Our mitigation techniques have brought the dns2.easydns.net anycast cluster back online, which should resolve slow response or timeout issues for end users. … [Read more]

Minor issue with easyMail webmail [resolved]

Some customers may have recently experienced errors while attempting to relay email via the easyMail webmail interface. These issues were unfortunately due to an internal routing error which we have since identified and resolved. We have also taken corrective action to ensure that this will not happen again. This was a specific issue related to … [Read more]