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easyDNS to issue $1 Billion in Negative Yielding “easyBonds”

/Newswire – Toronto / In a move described as the next logical step in business financing, easyDNS Technologies announced today the issuance of $1,000,000,000 CAD in negative yielding debt (“easyBonds”). The issuance will carry a short-term maturity  of 30 days and yield negative 50 basis points (or -0.5%). The move will net the Toronto based … [Read more]

easyDNS to Rebrand as easy.WTF

After 16 years as an iconic .com startup, easyDNS will shed its moniker and rebrand as easy.WTF. At a press conference this morning, easy.WTF CEO Mark Jeftovic explained “dot COM is a dinosaur. That era is over. The Zeitgeist of the times we live in is captured perfectly by WTF”. The company foresees a meteoric … [Read more]

Bitcoin Payments Are Now Mandatory

Share Email https://www.easydns.com/blog/2014/04/01/bitcoin-payments-are-now-mandatory/#UGF5X3dpdGhfYml Effective immediately, Bitcoin will be the only payment method accepted for all easyDNS services.   Remember this date.   That is all.

easyDNS launches .SUX Top Level Domain

/04/01/11 TORONTO/ – easyDNS Technologies Inc., the ultra-cool DNS guys, today announced it is moving forward to secure .SUX under the ICANN new TLD process. The .SUX domain is not intended to encourage registrations which disparage any company or entity. “A number of factors have converged to make this possible”, said CEO Mark Jeftovic, “the … [Read more]