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The Ramifications of US Government Domain Takedowns

When I posted about the bodog.com domain takedown the last thing I expected was for it to have “gone viral” the way it did. Given everything this company has been through and all the issues we’ve commented on (SOPA, Bill C-30, Elephant Snuff, Jotform), this one took the cake and was the most read article … [Read more]

How SOPA Will Destroy The Internet

Share Email https://www.easydns.com/blog/2011/12/22/how-sopa-will-destroy-the-internet/#UGljdHVyZS0zMzI As you read this, please keep in mind that I say it all with a track record of nearly 14 years of being proactive and having a zero-tolerance policy towards criminal activity and network abuse on our system. We have great relationships with Law Enforcement Agencies both here in Canada and abroad. … [Read more]

The Guardian gets it wrong….again.

Share Email https://www.easydns.com/blog/2010/12/15/i-think-the-guardian-uk-is-on-a-mission-to-put-us-out-of-business/#c3VwZXItY29tcGV The Guardian UK seems to be hell-bent on putting my company out of business. After joining the throng of media outlets mistakenly reporting last week that we unplugged wikileaks, today they reported easyDNS as one of the companies knocked offline by DOS attacks carried out by Anonymous. As per usual, this is … [Read more]

WikiLeaks.ORG DNS is NOT with easyDNS (so far)

Just in case you were not confused enough as to whether we unplugged wikileaks, helped them get back online; or had unprotected “relations” with Julian Assange (we didn’t), the story “broke” this morning that WikiLeaks.org was back, due to help from easyDNS: Access to Wikileaks.org has returned after members of its consortium worked with Mark … [Read more]