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DNS Pro Managed DNS

Use our robust and reliable DNSPro DNS service to control your domain with powerful, easy-to-use tools. Whether your IP is static or dynamic, easyDNSputs you in the driver’s seat.

For one low price,gives you

Best-in-breed DNS Tools

  • Manage every aspect of your domain using our powerfully easy Web based Control Panel
  • multiple globally distributed name servers deployed via DNS Anycast ensure redundancy and maximum uptime
  • DNS Failover and Host monitoring (1 device)
  • ability to modify SOA, MX, A records and CNAMEs
  • support for dynamic DNS
  • ability to set individual TTLs per record
  • support for SPF via TXT and SRV records
  • support for round robin DNS
  • Includes 5 million DNS queries per month

Full suite of Email and SMTP functions:

  • easyMAIL IMAP and POP email hosting (10 boxes)
  • full featured email forwarding
  • mail-to-all email forwarding
  • backup email spooling if your main mail server is down
  • easySMTP Outbound Mail service (250 messages per day. If you require more, please contact

Turn your Domain into a Swiss-Army Knife

    • URL/Web forwarding with optional 301 redirect
    • stealth Web cloaking
    • Geo-Targeting on URL Forwarding
    • easyID: multi-user OpenID server (v1.1) on your own domain
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Bullet-Proof DNS & Bully-Proof Domains.

Fully Managed DNS Hosting, Domain Tools & Registrations
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Mission Critical DNS & Domain Portfolio Management