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Email Forwarding

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Email Forwarding

You don’t need to have a full fledged web host with mail servers and email accounts just to receive email at your new Domain Name.

With easyDNSs robust, rock solid email forwarding service, you can have email that is sent to automatically forwarded to your existing email account, even if it’s a free email account like GMail or Hotmail.

Having a special event? You can easily set up a special email account just for that event — perhaps and have that forwarded to your existing email account.

Add the power of your email programs automated filters and you can have a special address for “sales” or “resumes” or, heck, just about anything, filtered into a particular mailbox for easy sorting.

If you have a freelancer working for you, you can setup an email address for her at and have that forwarded to her own email account. The possibilities are endless.

Simple to use and surprisingly powerful, email forwarding is a feature that can quickly become addictive.

To get started, register a new domain or transfer your existing domain to easyDNS and take control of your email forwarding possibilities.

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