Thank you to all, I would like this to stop now.

[ Update: After writing this article late last night, I awoke this morning to find that none other than the New York Times had picked up the “easyDNS unplugs Wikileaks” meme and published it on The Lede blog – reigniting another wave of retweets, calls for boycotts of every company involved in the Wikileaks persecution, including, mistakenly, ours, etc. I would still like this to stop, but I would also like the correct version of events to be disseminated, and not the misinfo – my original post on the matter is here. Also see Ok, so would we take on Wikileaks DNS at this point? ]

It’s now pretty late here in Toronto and I would really rather be sleeping. But I sense another storm brewing and I would just like to, if possible, head this off. With that end in mind I am not going to name names, post links or put anything in this post that is going to further fuel a shitstorm we want no part of.

So by now it’s yesterday morning when I woke up and on my way to the kitchen I float through my home office and see that all hell has broken loose overnight. An extremely high profile website is taken offline by an unrelated DNS provider, we are mistakenly identified as that DNS provider, everybody jumps on the bandwagon calling us every name in the book.

Ok, so we post a rebuttal. I am pissed when I write it. Circle back, take out most of the profanity and all the f-bombs. (Surprised myself). Post it, and all the while me and the gang at the office are sending emails, tweeting replies out and posting comments with our corrections “it wasn’t us”.

The rebuttal goes viral.

Most of the people who got it wrong do end up issuing retractions, corrections, mea culpas, etc. Some are dicks about it, most people are pretty cool about it. Turns out we even got the odd thing wrong ourselves (truth be told I originally published the rebuttal with “wikipedia” instead of “wikileaks” – lasted for about a minute before somebody here called my attention to it)

So now it turns out a large news service is so sick about being mailbombed with requests to issue an apology to us, they’ve gone and threatened to write something “bad” about us (they seem to think we are behind all the emails they are getting now) and some other large social media site is absolutely livid about this, and now that seems to be going viral.

Thanks for defending us, everybody. I mean that.

And now I wish everybody would just cut it out, just drop it.

The word has gotten out, pretty well everybody who can fog a mirror now knows that the original reference to us was a mistake.

I am profoundly thankful to our many members and to everybody here at the office who were quick to jump to our defense. I am also thankful to all those who reached out with corrections and apologies. I am sorry to anybody I snapped at and got angry with.

As far as I am concerned this is now over, there is nothing more to see here and everybody can just move on.

Tomorrow, somebody else will do something that gets everybody all fired up. I hope it’s not us, and I hope nobody mistakenly thinks it’s us.

7 thoughts on “Thank you to all, I would like this to stop now.”

  1. Aaron says:

    I just read through all your blogs on this topic after hearing about the fiasco. I think you handled it perfectly and I thank you for your professionalism as well as asking for others to put it behind us all.

    Because of this event you will be the first I look into in the future when I need service.

  2. none says:

    You want to make it interesting? Provide a DNS entry for Wikileaks, gratis.

  3. RGJ says:

    How about a meaningful apology?

  4. Cory says:

    I am glad this turned out for you. You are a true professional, a gentleman, and a scholar.

    You have any service I will need in the future.

  5. Canoro says:

    this is your chance to clean your name and be a hero, offer a DNS to

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