We are being sued for refusing to takedown a website.

In May, 2014 we were contacted by Andy Lehrer who requested that we takedown the website causepimps.ca because he claimed the page http://causepimps.ca/andy-lehrer/top.html contained defamatory material (queue Streisand-effect in 3-2-1…go!)

We reviewed the website to see if there were any material violations of our Terms of Service and concluded that this seemed to be some kind of opinion, editorial, whistleblower or perhaps a post-modern collage of experimental prose. As far as we’re concerned, people are free to put any stream of consciousness they want online, and everybody else is free to refute (or ignore) it.

We communicated to Mr. Lehrer that we would require a court order to take the website down and turned the complaint over to our lawyers for future reference.


Today we were served with a lawsuit naming us as a co-defendant in an action against the website owner and seeking damages of $25,000.

The website owner, we noticed, has the following disclaimer on his home page:


The contents of these web pages are the work of the web site’s owner. They are no responsibility of the web hoster. If you have a problem with anything in here, you deal with the web owner at [email redacted]

We will obviously defend against this. It would set a bad precedent for the entire industry if web hosts were on the hook every time somebody feels aggrieved by something written about them.

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